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                  Started in 1999, it provides a series of multiple Internet products and services, like industry information, special report, integration & communication, e-commerce, industry analysis, etc. Its business covers over 20 vertical professional fields, such as industrial energy saving, water treatment, solid waste, air pollution control, environment monitoring, environment restoration, new energy, and eco-city. It accumulatively gathered and recorded over 5 million professional data, and organized online/offline resource integration and interaction to meet various professional needs of all users who concern about and would like to participate in China’s environmental protection.  

                 As the pioneer of Internet + environmental protection, chinaenvironment.com takes building environmental industry ecosystem and promoting the maximization of green influence as its responsibility. It acquires support and popularity among China’s central government departments like MEP (Ministry of Environmental Protection), NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), MWR (Ministry of Water Resources) , MIIT (Ministry of Industrial & Information Technology), and industry associations, scientific research institutions, international organizations, transnational corporations, enterprise, as well as hundreds of millions of professional Internet users. It has played a positive role on promoting public environmental protection awareness, information disclosure, industrial upgrading and technological innovation.

            Social Responsibility

                 As China's most influential environmental protection portal, chinaenvironment.com actively supports and participates in various charitable activities, and pays special attention on environmental protection, youth education and sustainable development. Based on the effective, wide-spread and interactive characteristics of the Internet, taking the advantages of its influence on China’s environmental protection industry and strongholds of professional resource accumulation as well as the online/offline interactive mode, it has cooperated with professional institutions, charity funds and NGOs abroad and at home on organizing over 500 charitable activities about 10 themes like climate change, low carbon life, green Olympics, youth science popularization, and green college with over 100000 direct offline participants during 2007- December 2015. Its accumulative PV on the reports of these charitable activities exceeded 10 million.

            Development History


            *The international domain -- chinaenvironment.com was formally registered.


            *China’s first environmental protection portal -- chinaenvironment.com formally opened to the public.


            *Crein.org.cn, the brother website of chinaenvironment.com was formally launched.

            *China Association of Environmental Protection Industry entrusted chinaenvironment.com to develop the official website of “CIEPEC (China International Environmental Protection Exhibition)”.


            *The operation center of chinaenvironment.com transferred from Shanghai to Beijing.


            *Chinaenvironment.com signed strategic cooperation agreement with Ecological Environment Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

            *Chinaenvironment.com became the exclusive Internet service provider for ECO-SUMMIT 2007.

            * The public test of chinaenvironment.com version 2.0 was carried out.

            * Electronic journal Chinese Environmental Protection News was issued and regularly sent to professional subscribers.

            * Chinaenvironment.com and Tsinghua University organized charitable activity themed “ No plastic bags in college”.


            * The public test of the brother website of chinaenvironment.com -- crein.org.cn version 2.0 was issued. In the meanwhile, new version of electronic journal Chinese Environmental Protection News was issued to old and new users. It is an information platform on new energy and renewable energy that provided by chinaenvironment.com.

            * Chinaenvironment.com published Research Report on China’s environmental Protection Industry 2008. In accordance with the latest data of authoritative institute, after repeated researches, it was compiled by environmental protection industry insiders and experts who were organized by chinaenvironment.com. In this report, some content and data was first issued. With the participation of financial analysts, it presented special perspectives and analyses to the readers.  

            * Chinaenvironment.com was selected by Internet Society of China as “China’s Top 100 Websites”.

            * Chinaenvironment.com signed strategic cooperation agreement with Environmental Trade Association of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce on providing multiple professional services like official website development, industry publicity, etc.


            * Under the support of experts from 10 universities like Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, ecohumanity.org -- China’s first “eco-city” think tank website developed and operated by chinaenvironment.com was opened to the public. It is an Internet platform that provides eco-city design, planning and development concepts, as well as project information communication.    

            * International bilingual journal Ecohumanity which was cooperatively compiled by chinaenvironment.com and Beijing Media was formally published.

            * Chinaenvironment.com and Environment Institute of Jiangsu University established strategic cooperative partnership.

            * Chinaenvironment.com became the exclusive Internet service provider of “2009 Beijing International Ecological Restoration Forum”.

            * Invited by Ecological Environment Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Incubation Center Alliance of National Ecological Restoration Science and Technology Comprehensive Demonstration Base, which was cooperatively established by chinaenvironment.com, was officially put into operation.  Besides, chinaenvironment.com became the exclusive Internet media of this alliance.


            * Entrusted by relevant department, chinaenvironment.com organized Internet collection activity of “Eco-city Young Innovative Design Contest”. This activity was widely concerned by public. Over 800 valid contributions abroad and at home were received. There were 50 of them were selected with awards.

            * Chinaenvironment.com and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics cooperatively held environmental protection lecture. Four famous experts from China and Australia were invited to share their views on ecological environmental protection, low-carbon life etc. to the students of this university.

            * Invited by the Environmental Protection Ministry of Shanxi Province and Gujiao Municipal government, chinaenvironment.com participated in “Strategy Discussion Meeting of Shanxi Gujiao Municipal ‘12th Five-Year-Plan’on Low Carbon Development” as the associative organization. Furthermore, it was also invited to be the research group member of Gujiao “12th Five-Year-Plan” Low Carbon Development Strategic Planning.

            * Chinaenvironment.com alliance won the bid for the popularization project of Green Finland the Homeland of Cleantech Innovation. This project is a special propaganda proposed by Finnish government to promote Finnish clean technology and sustainable development products and service towards Chinese market. As one of the executive organizations of this project, chinaenvironment.com was responsible for many tasks, like network propaganda, data base development, market research, capacity building.

            * The environmental protection NGO -- Eco-humanity Alliance that jointly initiated by chinaenvironment.com, Ecology Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, etc. was formally registered and established in Beijing. It is dedicated to promote the balanced development of “society, economy and ecology”.


            * Chinese City Development Strategy Seminar hosted by China Institute of Strategy and Management, and associatively hosted by chinaenvironment.com, Eco-humanity Alliance, Public Administration Institute of Tsinghua University was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Over 50 officials and experts from government departments like NDRC, MIIT, MEP and many places like Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, etc. attended this seminar.

            * The website (ecohumanity.org version 2.0) that developed and operated by chinaenvironment.com was put into operation.  

            * The electronic directory Chinese Environment Protection NGO Directory that compiled by chinaenvironment.com was officially issued.

            * ”Sino-Finn Eco-city Development Strategy & Current Situation Seminar” was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Director of chinaenvironment.com made a special speech on Sino-Finn clean technology propaganda cooperation to the general secretary of Finnish Ministry of Environment and all attendees.   “

            * Chinaenvironment.com jointly established cooperative partnership with French Science and Technology Institute, Anthony Bechu Architect Design Company and Belgae Corporate Consortium on collectively establishing Sino-French high-tech Eco-city international cooperative platform.


            * The green intellectual property rights information platform bmippa.org which is developed and supported by chinaenvironment.com was officially opened to the public. It is the first local network information platform that focused on publicizing the protection of intellectual property rights of environmental protection field.      

            * The special propaganda activity—Public Low-Carbon Science Popularization Comic Guide that applied by chinaenvironment.com was officially selected as 2012 government procurement public service project.

            * Chinaenvironment.com was invited to jointly host “2012 Tianjin Eco-city International Forum & Exhibition -- City Development Strategy Sub-forum”.

            * Chinaenvironment.com was invited to jointly host “2012 Shanxi Mine Hills Ecology Restoration and Management Seminar”along with Environmental Protection Bureau and Mine Hills Ecology Restoration Association of Shanxi Province.  


            * Chinaenvironment.cn, the brother website of chinaenvironment.com was formally open to the public.

            * Chinaenvironment.com acquired the qualification as one of 2013 Beijing municipal government procurement public service vendors.

            * Chinaenvironment.com signed strategic cooperation agreement with Environmental Policy Institution of Renmin University of China.

            * Chinaenvironment.com became media cooperation company in the Sino-Euro environment management project of MEP.


            * Chinaenvironment.com became the first industry media member in the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Committee of Ministry of Finance.

            * Chinaenvironment.com gained qualification of China Internet Security Alliance and became its member.

            * Chinaenvironment.com accumulatively owned over 210000 registered members, among which more than 6000 were enterprise members.  


            * Chinaenvironment.com undertook the 3rd International Smart Eco-city Seminar.

            * Chinaenvironment.com prepared for the establishment of Z-Park Scientific Innovation High-tech Transfer Association’s Environmental Protection Special Committee.


            * Chinaenvironment.com signed strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Estar Online Technology Co., Ltd.

            * Chinaenvironment.com version 3.0 is launched.


            PLATFORM VALUE